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Elgydium gel first teeth

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Gingival massage gel to be used when the baby's first teeth appear. Soothing and soothing.

In babies, teething starts between 3 months and 1 year, and is usually accompanied by symptoms that put their nerves to the test, such as weakened gums or more intense salivation than normal, which causes them to nibble. his fist. Pansoral First Teeth Gingival Gel was created to perform gingival massages to relieve discomfort and pain that may occur during this period of growth.

BABYDERM Teething gel

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Relief of the symptoms of the first teething. Gel for the relief of baby gums from the symptoms of the first teething. With a carefully selected combination of herbal ingredients, it softens and cares for sore gums, helping your baby to immediately relieve the feeling of discomfort.

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