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This product is a specific product for the body that protects the skin from UVA-UVB rays. Bionic Defense Sun 50+ is a solar fluid with an ultra light, fat-free structure. Gives the skin a matte effect. Tested as non-comedogenic, without preservatives, parabens and gluten. UVA-UVB-IR protection. Waterproof.

BioNike - Acteen Crema

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BioNike Acteen Crema effectively eliminates the signs of acne from your face, preventing the appearance of pustules. Its formulation based on glycolic and salicylic acid eliminates excess sebum that blocks the glands.


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Cream with a barrier effect, suitable for dry and very dry skin. Its emollient and protective action makes the skin more elastic and soft, retaining water on the skin surface and preventing skin dryness. Invisible and waterproof barrier cream which, by preventing contact with sensitizing factors, guarantees prolonged protection from irritation, redness and allergic reactions.

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