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Lierac - Premium The Cure Absolute Anti-Aging

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The Anti-Aging Absolute Cure is equipped with an innovative new complex that targets the phenomenon of accelerated cutaneous senescence. It combines hexapeptide-FX, a highly-dosed FOXO-like active tissue regenerator, with GDF-11 technology, which can stimulate the action of the GDF-11 rejuvenation protein, the cause of rejuvenation. cells. The number of young cells increases, that of old cells decreases. As the days go by, the skin frees itself from the marks of stress, regenerates itself and the face regains its youth in just twenty-eight days.
A formative prowess developed with Harvard University; a precious active texture with thousands of micro-capsules in suspension, which offers a restorative effect and delivers a surprising cascade of sensations, where freshness leaves room for comfort. A signature scent, with subtle and feminine notes of jasmine, iris and musk. Instantly, the skin is comforted, refreshed, wrinkled and rested.
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