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In this category you will find all the products that help you with toothache, ear pain, back pain, muscle and joint pain, headaches and migraines, various pains and fevers in children and adults, arthritis, abdominal and menstrual pain.

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Tachipirin contains the active principle paracetamol which works by lowering the temperature (antipyretic) and relieving pain (analgesic). Tachipirin is used in adults and adolescents for: symptomatic treatment of febrile conditions such as influenza, exanthematous diseases (infectious diseases typical of children and adolescents), acute diseases of the respiratory tract, etc. pain of various origins and nature (headache, neuralgia, muscle pain and other painful manifestations). Talk to your doctor if you / your child do not feel better or if you feel worse after 3 days of treatment. Tachipirine 500 mg is an anti-inflammatory and can also be used for sore throats and headaches.

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Angelini Tachipirina Syrup 120 ml 120 mg / 5ml is indicated as antipyretic: symptomatic treatment of febrile diseases such as flu, exanthematous diseases, acute respiratory tract diseases, etc. As an analgesic: headaches, neuralgia, myalgia and other painful manifestations of medium entity, of various origins.

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Paracetamol lowers the temperature by acting directly on the center of temperature regulation in the hypothalamus; this center intensifies the process of lowering the temperature by dilating the peripheral blood vessels and by sweating.

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Daleron suspension contains paracetamol, which inhibits the synthesis of prostaglandins in the central nervous system, thus lowering fever and relieving pain. Due to its effective action and safety, paracetamol is especially suitable for children.

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