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    Plasmon AR 2 Alimento a Fini Medici Speciali 350 g Plasmon - 1

Plasmon AR 2 Alimento a Fini Medici Speciali

Preparation and use

Indicative power supply table

(unless otherwise specified for pediatric purposes)

Age: 6th - 12th month | Water cc or ml: 240 | Measuring cups: 8 | N ° milky meals in 24 hours: 2

The quantities are however indicative and may vary in the opinion of the pediatrician depending on the age and appetite of the child. A level measuring spoon of AR 2 contains 4.7 g corresponding to 23.1 kcal.

Important warnings

AR 2 should only be used under medical supervision. Inadequate preparation and storage can cause problems or risks to the health of the infant. Follow the instructions carefully.

- Prepare only one bottle at a time to be given to the baby immediately after preparation.

- Do not reuse the milk left in the bottle at the end of the feeding.

- Use only the measuring cup contained in the package.

AR 2 is a denser food than common infant milks: it is therefore advisable to use teats with holes of suitable size to facilitate the administration of the product.

Instructions for opening

- Remove the safety seal from the package and lift the lid.

- Rotate the lid to easily grip the opening tab.

- Lift the tab and remove the protective aluminum film.


Breast milk is the ideal food for the infant.

If breastfeeding is not possible or sufficient, on the advice of the pediatrician, the infant must be fed a food suitable for its needs.

AR 2 is a powdered follow-on food formulated to meet the nutritional needs of infants over 6 months of age, starting from weaning. The start of weaning must take place only on the advice of the pediatrician.

AR 2 cannot be used as a sole source of nutrition and must be part of a diversified diet.

AR 2 should not be used in any way as a substitute for breast milk in the first 6 months of life.

AR 2 is a follow-on food specifically indicated for the dietary management, from 6 months, of the established pathology of the gastroesophageal joint. Its formulation contains in fact carob seed flour, a natural thickener that increases its viscosity.

Furthermore AR 2 contains Lipofer and Lipocal, innovative forms of iron and calcium.

AR 2 should only be used under medical supervision.

Method of preparation

- Wash carefully and dry your hands. Sterilize bottle, teat and ring before use.

- Boil and pour the necessary amount of hot water into the bottle (see Indicative feeding table) at a temperature of 70 ° C.

- Detach the measuring cup from its housing, fill it with product and eliminate excess powder with the special leveler in the lid.

- Pour the indicated quantity of measuring spoons into the bottle (see Indicative feeding table).

- Close and shake the bottle.

- Before giving it to the baby, check the temperature of the milk on the back of the hand. The milk temperature must not exceed 37/40 ° C.

After use, place the measuring cup carefully in its housing making sure it is clean and dry.

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