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Solgar – Biotin 300mcg

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Biotin or vitamin H (also known as vitamin B7) is a very important part of the B vitamin complex that contributes to the maintenance of hair, skin and mucous membranes, the normal functioning of the nervous system and the normal psychological functioning.

Solgar – Methylcobalamin, b12 (1000mcg)

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Methylcobalamin (or Vitamin B12) comes from Solgar in a formulation that is absorbed immediately and effectively by the body. Sublingual tablets contain 1000 μg Vitamin B which plays various roles in the body such as reducing fatigue, releasing energy from foods and supporting your vitality.

Vitabiotics – Hip Rose

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Bone and cartilage health are important for long-term well-being. Jointace Rose Hip & MSM was developed by Vitabiotics experts and offers a unique combination of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, ideal for those who have an active life, are engaged in sports or are in old age.

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