Efektet e kafesë në shëndet

Efektet e kafesë në shëndet

The effects of coffee on health

Good news for coffee lovers! The drunkest beverage in the world would reduce mortality by as much as 12%. The source is certain: to support this thesis; in Annals of Internal Medicine are published two authoritative studies.

Coffee extends life

One of the two studies that led to the curious revelation that coffee extends life took about 500,000 European citizens as a reference sample, studying the habits related to coffee consumption and the relationship with the risk of mortality. It has been observed that, compared to those who do not drink coffee, those who drink at least one cup a day reduce the risk of mortality by 12%. And whoever drinks three or more cups of it reduces the risk of mortality by 18%.

Beneficial properties of coffee

Researchers have not yet pinpointed the trigger for the miraculous effects of this drink. What is certain is that this elixir of long life contains a mix of substances with powerful antioxidant properties. Some researchers also explain that the consumption of coffee would help our body have better glucose control and a lower inflammation rate. According to some studies, coffee also has a protective effect on the digestive and cardiovascular system. However, caffeine is not one of the substances responsible for longevity. According to studies, mortality is also reduced for those who drink decaffeinated.

Coffee: risks and contraindications

Beware of excesses. Coffee is good but not overdoing it. Beyond 4 cups a day, there is a risk of contraindications; these risks is especially for those who are not used to frequent drinking of the drink. Among the most common risks are tachycardia and difficulty falling asleep. Caffeine being an exciting substance can affect the quality of our sleep. It is not recommended to consume coffee for heart patients, hypertensive people, pregnant women, and the anxious. Coffee also causes undesirable effects for those suffering from gastrointestinal diseases by actually increasing gastric secretion.

Good coffee break to all readers.

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