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Trudi baby protective cream with beeswax and zinc oxide is ideal especially when changing diapers. Prevents cracking, irritation and redness of the skin in the groin area. In this area, the skin not only comes into contact with aggressive liquids, but is also constantly rubbed from diapers. The protective cream contains 10% zinc oxide, which creates an effective protective barrier (if the natural hydrolipid barrier is not sufficient). The contained beeswax helps to treat reddened skin and soothes itching and burning. And because the cream is not too oily, it allows the skin to breathe easily.

Baby soothing moisturizer with propolis

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Trudi soothing moisturizer is indispensable in preventing weather conditions such as wind, sun or cold. These effects cause redness in the child's face and hands. Baby soothing moisturizing cream with propolis contains a large amount of soothing and cleansing substances. The presence of propolis in children's moisturizer is important for its soothing and cleansing effects. It is ideal to use it whenever a child's skin is red or rough.

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