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    Babytol Vitamine D3 + Vitamine K1

    • Prolonged prophylaxis of vitamin K1 is recommended in a dose of 25 mcg from 8. day of life till the end of third month after birth.
    • For prevention of late hemorrhagic disease and rrickets in newborns and infants
    • Prolonged prophylaxis of vitamin D3 and K1 is recommended by the National Ministry of Health, Pediatric Associations and Neonatologists Association
    Availability: 100 In Stock

    BUONAVIT D3K Vitamine D3+K1

    Vitamin D and Vitamin K dietary supplements in drops are important for bone development during growth and prevention of bleeding disorders in the first months. BuonaVit D3K is a dietary supplement of vitamin D and vitamin K, whose supplementation is especially recommended during the first months as it is essential for normal bone growth and for the prevention of hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN), an important coagulation disorder.

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