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    Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask with water gel texture with fruity notes gently exfoliates, refines the skin texture and highlights the complexion. Its formula contains volcanic rocks and AHA, but also Vichy thermal water with mineralising properties. Immediately, the complexion is radiant, the skin texture is smoothed and after one month, the complexion is homogeneous and radiant, the skin is more supple and the skin texture is refined.

    Lierac - Premium The Supreme Mask

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    Premium Supreme Mask acts against deep wrinkles, pores, blemishes. It contains 10% hyaluronic acid with nourishing, moisturizing and wrinkle filling properties. Pemium Cellular composed of hexapeptides, terpenoids, flower extracts acts against the signs of age, restoring the youthful appearance on the skin.

    Lierac - Lumilogie Brightening Mask

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    Inspired by the combined aesthetic techniques of LED and peeling, this mask instantly illuminates and evens the complexion thanks to specific active ingredients that act against stains in the process of being formed, visible and widespread. A fresh scent of citrus, rose and magnolia with delicate notes of white musk.

    SKINCODE Pore refining mask

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    Një maskë e bardhë me argjil e dizenjuar për lëkurë të yndyrshme dhe mikse. Ndihmon që të pastrojë poret nga papastërtitë dhe të përthithë yndyrën e tepërt. Përmban një përbërës biotech të derivuar nga bimet me veti anti-bakteriale, anti-inflamatore dhe efekt ngushtues tek poret dhe lëkura.

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