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    NO – Baby thermometer 2 in 1

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    The 2-in-1 thermometer measures ear and gallbladder temperature with an infrared sensor that gives an accurate result in seconds. With a very small probe for tiny ears, an LED light illuminates red when the baby has a fever.

    Nuk – Baby and child brush and comb

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    For daily hair care of babies and young children. Soft brush with 100% natural thread. The comb has an arched shape to protect the scalp. In addition to combing the hair the brush and comb offers a relaxing experience for your baby while protecting the scalp from scratches.

    Nuk – Simple breast pump

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    Has NOT developed the manual breast pump NOT Soft & Easy. Enables smooth pumping and is ideal for frequent use. The extra soft silicone cushion ensures an optimal fit and a pleasant massaging feeling on the chest.

    Avent - Milk Powder Dispensing

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    Your baby’s milk feed should always be freshly prepared so that it cannot be spoiled. This small and handy milk powder dispenser is perfect for pre-portioning of milk/ cereal powder in a quick, easy and particularly hygienic way. The separated chambers are spacious enough to be filled with three pre-measured quantities.

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