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    This product from Solgar comes in the form of Magnesium Citrate which is a very absorbent form of this mineral compared to other common forms that are on the oxide market. For this reason Magnesium Citrate is ideal for individuals who have problems with the digestive tract or those who do not absorb other forms of this mineral easily.

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    Ultra Red Krill offers a superior source for Omega-3 with many additional benefits, formulated to achieve the highest standards of quality, purity and effectiveness. Ultra Red Krill Oil offers 500mg of pure shrimp oil, a unique source of Omega-3 with a high concentration of phospholipids that can be used more effectively by the body compared to normal Omega-3.

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    Herbfit Herbilex drops help with stomach and intestinal pain with gas, nervousness, restlessness and tension, premenstrual and menstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms. For external use, these drops can be used to relieve headaches, muscle tension and for toothache and to treat insect bites.

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