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    FISSAN - PASTA di Fissan Alta Protezione

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    Skin protection cream with zinc and substance E + F is specifically created to soothe skin irritation and rash and is particularly suitable for diaper frying treatment. The unique formula creates an effective thin protective barrier that prevents irritation and cracks from forming in sensitive intimate areas.

    Sudocream - Antiseptic Healing Cream

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    Sudocrem antiseptic skin repair cream has been the best and effective ally of moms for about 85 years and is fantastic for soothing sore skin and treating pampers rashes. Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream can be used by the whole family for all minor skin damage and can help a lot in treating your baby's buttocks!

    CHICCO - Pasta Lenitiva

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    Formulated to protect newborn skin and prevent diaper irritation and redness, the soothing paste contains zinc oxide (10%) which creates a breathable protective barrier and panthenol which helps to regenerate the skin barrier.

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