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    Vitabiotics – Team Sport

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    Jointace Sport offers a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, ideal for those who have an active life, in sports or for the elderly. Jointace Sport contains the most advanced ingredients: Bromelain, enzyme extracted from pineapple, as well as natural hyaluronic acid.

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    Immunace is a specialized dietary supplement to provide comprehensive support for a healthy and vital organism as well as to provide specific nutrients to support the functions of the immune system. The Immunace formula has been developed in collaboration with international experts in nutrition studies.

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    The omega-H3 Blue Label formula contains 34 bio-elements including advanced vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients such as Co-Q10 and lycopene extract. After much scientific research, advanced Omega-H3 Blue Label tablets also include Siberian Ginseng Extract, Maca Extract, grapefruit bioflavonoids and flaxseed, a source of alpha-linolenic acid.

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