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    Wet PINGO papers are made from unprocessed (natural) materials. High quality paper, which in addition to the diaper part, can also be used on the face, without causing redness or irritation.

    Chicco - Cleansing Wipes

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    Chicco cleansing wipes are the ideal choice for the daily hygiene of baby's skin, thanks to the innovative double action fabric with cellulose. The fragrance-free formula, enriched with bisabolol and soothing mallow extract, protects even the most sensitive skin. 

    Bambo Nature 50pz Wet Wipes

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    Bambo Nature Biodegradable Wet Wipes are a must-have for every baby changing table, diaper bag, handbag, road trip, picnic, sleepover - everywhere you and your baby go. Our skin-friendly, moisturizing cleaning wipes are made from soft, sustainable 100% viscose, which means that they do not contain plastic and are a better alternative for the environment.

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