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Ecological diapers for children


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Product with soft and elastic side material. They fit naturally by remodeling according to the baby's belly. The inside of the diaper consists of an absorbent material with the "Perfo Soft" filter, consisting of a quality mesh which guarantees softness and safety.

Trudi - Diapers, Relevant sizes and quantities:

1. Mini (3-6kg) - 21 pieces

2. Midi (4-9kg) - 20 pieces

3. Maxi (7-18kg) - 18 pieces

4. Junior (11-25kg) - 16 pieces

5. Extra-Large (15-30kg) - 14 pieces

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Dermatologically tested and certified by the rigorous Nordic institute, EcoLabel. Bambo nature has a unique absorption system leaving your baby's skin dry all the time.

1. Suitable for 2-4kg

2. Suitable for 3-6kg

3. Suitable for 5-9kg

4. Suitable for 7-18kg

5. Suitable for 12-22kg

6. Suitable for 16-30kg

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