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    NeuBetix is a food supplement containing alpha-lipoic acid and B vitamins, including folic acid.

    The synergy between these components act against the oxidation processes in case of the neuropathy, ensuring a smooth functioning of the nervous system.


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    Supplement in the form of liquid omega 3 capsules for higher bioavailability. designed to strengthen the central nervous system, which can be weakened by age or as a result of chronic pain. Contains 2 phospholipids: Phosphatidylcholine (PC) and phosphatidylserine (PS), essential for health and especially for the nervous system.


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    Selenogin with its unique formula QIS2X  is designed for your good blood circulation, memory and mental activity. The active ingredient Ginkgo biloba in QIS2X stimulates memory and concentration, as well as helps blood circulation to the brain and limbs. Ginkgo biloba also contributes to normal blood pressure levels and has a beneficial effect on tinnitus, dizziness and stress.

    PhytoNeotrasmitter nerve

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    NEOTRASMITTER provides a correct supply of nutrients that perform a strong chemical rebalancing action. Its mechanism of action consists in supporting the physiological production of neurotransmitters, for the correct transmission of messages between the nerve cells that control muscle function on the one hand, intellectual and emotional on the other.


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    Memoryn is a food supplement based on Ginkgo Biloba and Eleutherococcus, useful for memory and cognitive functions. Ginseng acts as a tonic (physical and mental fatigue). With Omega-3.

    Neurobrain Shedir Flacon

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    Neurobrain Shedir Vials is a food supplement in liquid form based on Acetyl L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine, Ginko Biloba L., Selenium, Pantothenic Acid and Vitamins B2, B1, B12. Neurobrain Shedir Vials is indicated in cases of reduced dietary intake or increased need for these elements.


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    Serenoa repens

    Mel (Panicum miliaceum) : favorizon mirëqënien e thonjve dhe të flokëve

    Caj jeshil :veprim antioksidant, purifikues


    Vitis Vinifera, e pasur me proantocianidina, antioksidante e fuqishme

    Zink : kontribuon në mbrojtjen e qelizave nga stresi oksidativ dhe ndikon në ushqyerjen dhe rritjen e flokëve

    Biotinë: ndikon në mirëmbajtjen normale të lekurës dhe flokëve,membranat mukoze,ndihmon në metabolizmin  nervor

    Vagostabyl - 40 Tablets

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    Vagostabyl is a food supplement is used for reducing anxiety and in minor cases of troubled sleep. It contains:

    • Lemon balm extract has a relaxing effect in people suffering from first phase sleepness.
    • Hawthorn extract relaxes the muscles and supports the nervous system.
    • Magnesium plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of the heart and muscles.
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