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    Vitabiotics – Team Sport

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    Jointace Sport offers a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, ideal for those who have an active life, in sports or for the elderly. Jointace Sport contains the most advanced ingredients: Bromelain, enzyme extracted from pineapple, as well as natural hyaluronic acid.

    Vitabiotics – Menopace Max

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    Menopace Max is the most comprehensive supplement in the Menopace range for maximum support, formulated to be taken during and after menopause. This formula includes all the benefits of Menopace Original with added calcium, soy isoflavones, plus green tea and Red Clover extract.

    Vitabiotics – Wellman 50+

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    Wellman 50+ is a comprehensive formula with over 30 nutrients needed to meet the body needs of men over the age of 50. Unlike other multivitamins they have specific bio-active nutrients that help especially health in men. Includes iron that helps reduce fatigue and breakage.


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    NEOVITA is an easy to swallow, dietary supplement with ten Vitamins.

    • Fortified with an additional six minerals.

    • With the added benefit of Ginseng.

    • For Health and Vitality.

    Each capsule contains Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D and E.

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