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Lierac - Body-Slim Cryoactive Concentrate

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To tackle the encrusted cellulite, the most difficult to treat, and visibly soften the rebellious curves, Laboratoires Lierac have transposed the mechanism of cryolipolysis to dermo-cosmetics. Thanks to a 360 ° action, the volume of the white fatty tissue, the one that stores, is reduced, at all the stages of its formation.
The active caffeine complex stimulates destocking. The WTB System transforms white storage fat cells into fat fat brown adipocytes. New unprecedented active ingredient, Pro-Irisine, stimulates the naturally produced irisin produced by the body and boosts the transformation of white to brown adipocytes. It also offers an anti-recurrence action by slowing the entry of glucose into the fat cells.
The pink gel texture with the immediate cold effect actively contributes to the slimming efficiency. Sip of hyaluronic acid, she
offers a seductive smoothing moisturizing effect, while its floral scent of iris, rose and jasmine charms the senses.
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